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Services Include:

Web Development

Web cameras
We were the first to install cameras on every major ski area in New Zealand.  We outright own 80% of these cameras and we allow the feed to be replayed on individual ski areas websites along with our own.  Our Webcams capture a new image every few minutes and keep our visitors updated on snow conditions around NZ. 

Live Streaming / Video
We are capable of streaming via satellite major snow events live to the web straight from the mountain. This coverage can be further supported by an after event streamed highlights package on demand.   With the ever-increasing demand for information and with technology based gadgets becoming a part of every day life.  The reality is that there is a need to keep people informed and up to date with what Kiwis love – Sports, recreation and the outdoors. With live streaming technology already available here at, we invite you to join in with the future of adventure sport broadcasting.

Satellite Communications

Content Distribution

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