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Need to reach the Surf or Snow market? We can help!

Over the past few years we have always had strong affiliation with the brands behind surfing & snow sports in New Zealand as we are the country’s premier reporting websites in these areas.

We cater to all sorts of advertisers. Whether you have never done online advertising before, or come from an experienced advertising agency, we can help.

Have a browse through the information below, and if you have any more questions or would like an idea of costs, please contact us.

If you want to receive our Surf or Snow media kits these can be emailed or posted upon request.

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We offer three main banner sizes:

Ad Type Dimensions Max File Size
Top Banner 760×120 50KB
Medium Rectangle 300×250 50KB
Half Page 300×600 50KB







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And we can pin-point target your audience using our regional pages!

Reports Pages Include the Following Regions for Specific Targeting
Northland Auckland East Auckland West
Coromandel Bay of Plenty Raglan
Taranaki Gisborne Napier
Wellington Christchurch Dunedin
West Coast








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Why advertise with us?

Many advertisers have taken advantage of the unique and cost effective advertising opportunities that exist on the website. Some of the advantages of advertising on are:

Highly Targeted Audience: When you advertise on, you know physically active surfers generally between 18-35 are going to see it.

Strong Reach to NZ Surfing Community: In excess of 35,000 New Zealand surfers visit the website each month. How many Surf Magazines are actually circulated and purchased?

Cost Effective: Advertising on the website is cost effective as you only pay for those people that actually view your advertisement. This means no advertising wastage!

Responsive & Interactive Audience: The website audience is very receptive to advertising as they view it as relevant and informative. As they trust, they trust our advertisers!

Measurable & Accountable: All advertising is measured and details on the number of times the advertisement has been viewed and the amount of traffic that has been driven to your website can be supplied.

No Advertising Clutter: Unlike a Magazine or Newspaper, your advertisement will not get lost amongst your competitors advertising. Banner Advertising appears at the top of the web page.

Short Lead Times: Advertising can be organised in a short lead-time, meaning you can react to certain events or place ‘last minute’ advertising. Effectively, there are no deadlines on!

Dynamic Content: Unlike a magazine, the content on the website is continually changing and refreshed on a daily basis. Your advertising is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We have previously had a wide range of brands represented on our sites. Of course, the vast majority of snowboard, skiing, and surfing brands – but also brands such as BMW, Coke, Up & Go, Air New Zealand, Corona, Vodafone, NZTA, Fonterra brands, and many more!

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New Zealands most respected companies choose nzXsports to advertise with!


[quote style="1"]I have been in this business a while now and NZX Sports is one of the few Niche sites to have had a professional service and stability in people we deal with over that time. I would recommend this team to run campaigns in a professional manner and deliver creative campaigns to the best of their ability to meet client needs. Both Snow and Surf reach a quality audience in the sporting community, one that is often difficult to reach in other media due to both their demographic and the behavior of an audience that doesn’t spend much time sitting on a couch watching the box. [/quote]
Deborah Davenport – Managing Director of The Internet Bureau


[quote style="1"]I have worked with Dave and the team at NZ X Sports for four years. Their sites have been on our network over that time, and continue to deliver valuable audiences in significant numbers. They are proof that high quality site content really does generate strong online communities.
I have always admired and enjoyed Dave’s passion for their business, and the professional approach he takes to managing them and working with partners like us at MediaOne.[/quote]
Greig Buckley – Vice President of Media One Network


[quote style="1"]We regularly advertise with and and always have our shop listings on these sites. It’s a very cost effective form of advertising for us as it gets to the core market for snow and surf and is measurable. The team there are fantastic to deal with – quick, efficient and very helpful.[/quote]
Michelle Macdiarmid – Operations and Marketing Manager of RR Sport


[quote style="1"]nzXsports provides unique and integrated ways to advertise and interact with the sports community. Their offering goes beyond just normal ‘banner’ advertising, into interactive opportunities such as video and events and what’s more, they have a great team of people on the ground[/quote]
Michael Te Young – Business Manager – OMD Digital

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We look forward to hearing from you and also any ideas you have for the coming winter snow season.

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